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Chemical Equation Expert is an integrated tool for chemistry professionals and students
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14 September 2012

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A chemical equation is described as means of writing out chemical formulas of substances woven together for a reason and are usually depicted by arrows and plus signs. We all have studied Chemistry at some point of time while in school, and are aware of the term called chemical equations and reactions and common examples like H2 + O = H2O. It is a shorthand way of representing how chemical substances react together and also depicts the number of atoms and molecules involved in the reaction. Computer technology is increasingly supporting learning modules for all and sundry and has now come up with tailor-made software called Chemical Equation Expert 2.12b to assist Chemistry students and professionals too.

The Chemical Equation Expert 2.12b upon launch opens with a neatly assembled interface with the chief options located at the top pane for helping out with chemical formulae and chemistry information. The users would find complicated working like balancing chemical equations and relative calculations easy and even fun to perform with its useful feature list. The software contains a smart balancer chemical equation expert that rapidly balances equations with complete accuracy. Furthermore, it also has an in-built tool to build a personal equation database and also has a search engine that allows the user to look for a certain equation with a certain reactants or substances. Moreover, a high performance calculator helps the user to calculate the mass mole of the compounds of an elected equation and all this and more with this software gives the user all the comfort with few mouse clicks.

After using the application we can safely say that Chemical Equation Expert 2.12b calls for positive reactions from all for its powerful features and user friendly application and hence deserves a rating score of 4.5 for its stellar performance and impressive tools.

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Chemical Equation Expert is an integrated tool for chemistry professionals and students. You'll find complicated work such as balancing chemical equations and related calculations so easy and even enjoyable! Key Feafures -1. An intelligent balancer Chemical Equation Expert balances chemical equations rapidly and accurately. An equation as complicated as: H2+18Ca(CN)2+6NaAlF4+12FeSO4+6MgSiO3+6KI +2H3PO4+12PbCrO4+24BrCl+6CF2Cl2+24SO2 = 12PbBr2+12CrCl3+6MgCO3+6KAl(OH)4+12Fe(SCN)3+ 2PI3+6NaSiO3+18CaF2+110H2O can be balanced in seconds! So, balancing chemical equations will not be your nightmare but a piece of cake from now on. 2. A professional tool to biuld your own chemical equation database Chemical Equation Expert has a build-in equation search engine which lets you find a certain equation by specifying its reactants or products. You can enhance the engine by adding new equations to the library. So it's also a good tool to record and organize your chemical equations.3. A high performance calculator Chemical Equation Expert calculates the mass mole of the compounds of a elected equation. Uses the Stoico-metric coefficients, reaction consumption to calculate the lmounts/masses of compounds. To finish all these complicated calculations, you just need a few clicks!
Chemical Equation Expert
Chemical Equation Expert
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